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in Vilnius (Lit)

In summer 1812 Napoleon began his Campaign of Russia.

From 28 June till 16 July he was

in Vilna,now Vilnius, in Lithuania.

On his way back he stayed

there one night:

6 december 1812.


In Vilnius and Kowno (now Kaunas) you can see the buildings, bridges, hills, streets eso. of Napoleon and his generals.

This website means to give you an impression of what you can find here.


With my son I travelled to Vilnius from 17 – 21 Oct. 2011.

I took a lot of pictures, made a small film and visited all the place who are described in Le Guide Napoleon. I call them ‘objects’.

Victor Remouchamps is living in Vilnius and he did a lot of research and made preparations for us.

We are very much obliged to him!


On every object I give the GPS

like Google Earth.